Seminars , Activities and Meetings

Dated: 2015-10-28

The QEC has conducted the following seminars/meetings for the awareness of the faculty and administration:

  • The Quality Enhancement Cell, Islamia College Peshwar has organized one day seminar on "What is Plagiarism and Use of Turnitin" held on December 03 ,2014 for the PhD faculty members at the Video Conference Room, Islamia College Peshawar. Click here for Detail
  • A seminar was conducted on October 05, 2011 which was attended by the Departmental Quality Committee members (Program Teams).   During the seminar, Duties and responsibilities of Program teams members regarding evaluation proformas were discussed briefly.
  • Another seminar of the same nature was conducted on October 25, 2011 by QEC.  This time the Heads of Program Teams and other faculty members were made aware of the Assessment proformas and its procedure to be carried in the respective department.
  • The HEC Ph.D Program Review Committee visited the University to determine the implementation status of MS/M.Phil/Ph.D criteria in the university on December 14, 2012. The arrangement of visit was done by QEC. The Committee members had a meeting with Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Director QEC, Deans and other senior faculty members regarding the post graduate program being offered in different department of the university.
  • Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Deputy Director QEC, has participated in a two days workshop on "Building Quality in Higher Education" organized by University of Management & Technology (UMT), Lahore from March 28 – 29, 2012.

The following survey forms for Self Assessment process were completed during the last quarter i.e January – March 2012.

  • Teachers Evaluation
  • Faculty Survey
  • Survey of Graduating Students



The Quality Enhancement Cell has organized training on the use of Turnitin (Anti Plagiarism Software) for all Chairpersons, Ph.D/MS/M.Phil faculty members and Departmental QEC Heads and its members, Islamia College Peshawar on Wednesday April 18, 2012 at 11:00 am in Main Committee Room. Dr, Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Deputy Director QEC was the focal person.


A seminar/event was organized by Intellectual Property organization of Pakistan (IPO) in Convention Center Islamabad on April 26, 2012. Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Deputy Director, QEC along with the other faculty members being nominated from different departments had participated in the seminar/event. The Quality Enhancement Cell has done all the arrangements from nomination to participation.